The Vision

I'm fascinated by culture: how our geographical home makes each and every one of us unique; how home forms us, and leaves not one fiber of our being untouched; how we have all adapted to a way of life appropriate to home.  The diversity of Home and the people Home creates is a piece of what makes our world beautiful.

 I guess at the end of the day my fascination with Home is what drives me.  I don't want to only experience peoples’ Home via technology, or only hear stories of Home via a friend.  I want to step foot on new soil and experience a new way of living. I want to capture Home in the most authentic way possible: complete immersion. 

In hope of documenting Home in Iceland, we will capture ordinary people living their lives across The Land of Fire and Ice.  From the farmer to pilot who flies his plane over the interior of Iceland, from the hotel owner to the Arctic surfer who braves thirty-three degree water in search of waves, we're here to give you an authentic look into this uniquely, beautiful culture. 

 The end result will be a tangible documentation of Home.  Through images and story, our hope is for you to experience what we experience.  Further, we want our documentation of Home in Iceland to inspire you to get out and venture into foreign lands and embrace cultures far beyond your normalcy.  We want this project to be the catalyst for you to examine your Home and immerse yourself in the Home of another.  So, here’s to making the strange now known.


A year ago, on our honeymoon, Sarah and I visited Iceland for the first time.  People thought we were crazy, when we told them where we were going. "Iceland?" they'd ask. "Isn't it just frozen up there?" The truth is, Iceland is hardly just a frozen piece of land floating in the North Atlantic Ocean.  It's a country full of beautiful landscapes, culture, and people.

Located at 66 degrees North, Iceland is home to the northernmost capitol city in the world, Reykjavik—our home for the duration of this project.  Iceland is a place void of the pressure to rush.  It's a land of space and solitude and a population of people who have been molded by this lifestyle.  We believe Iceland is beautiful, quite possibly the most beautiful place on earth.  We hope you care to join us on this journey to experience how Iceland is not only a beautiful landscape, but also a Home to 320,000 people. 


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We're incredibly excited to share with you some of our favorite images from our time in Iceland. Please take a look, and let us know if you have any questions about custom sizes or additional prints you've seen that you are interested in.

Do you live in Iceland or know somebody who does? We'd love to hear from you, grab a cup of coffee and hear your story. 

We'll be updating our progress as well as giving small previews of the stories we're capturing while in Iceland via our blog. We'd love for you to follow along.