Let's be honest. Social Media can be really frustrating. As a business, there's probably something in you that knows you need to figure out how to use it, but don't know where on earth you should start. What platform should you use? Where should you get your content? What sort of content? Should I really pay for this? ... and wait, what is a "hashtag?" The questions are as endless.

The truth is, you and your business need to use Social Media, in fact you need to prioritize it; the bottom line is you need to have really amazing content that not only speaks true of your brand, but engages the millions of potential viewers that have never heard of you yet. It only takes getting your product viewed by that one person that could take your business to the next level, and I want to help you with that.

We created @AspenTheMountainPup to share pics of our pup, Aspen. In the last year, his feed has gone viral, and his images have been seen by millions of eyes through places like National Geographic Traveler, and major news outlets like CNN in countries all over the world. We believe Instagram is truly a business tool that if used correctly can create gigantic amounts of growth for your company.

Social Media exposure is something you should not expect to have for free. You can be confident that with greater exposure, comes greater growth. Trust me, it's worth it.  

Here's how it breaks down:

$ 500:  Single Image delivered to you, web ready and fully edited for you to use on your own Social Media platforms (Limited 1 use per social platform)

$ 1,500:  Image delivered to you, web ready and fully edited for you two use on your own Social Media platforms (Limited 1 use per social platform) + Posted on Aspens Instagram feed of over 200,000 followers.

(Below are a few examples)


* Prices do not include travel.

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