Ciao Italy!

Ah it feels so wonderful to be back in Italy again! We arrived late the 4th of May, and after a long day of travel were greeted by Paulo and his father in law Jovani with the warmest of greetings, and were welcomed into the most beautiful Bed and Breakfast, Valdi Rose. 


Our first night, we headed to local café for Italian steak, limoncello and several glasses of red vino. The next day we awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and bread. Sarah and I were the first to rise and were welcomed into the dining room to a spread of breakfast that felt like we were living inside of a magazine photoshoot. Paulo and Irene, the owners of the Bed and Breakfast pay so much attention to every detail. 


The rest of the day we explored the beautiful city of Florence. To be honest, when we visited here for the first time Sarah and I were so overwhelmed by the amount of tourists throughout the city, but with Paulo's help, we were given some authentic Florentine gems that made us feel like we were seeing the city as a local.