We Made It to Iceland!

Friends, we're here in Iceland now for a few days and are so pumped to be back! 

We got in yesterday at 7am, after sleeping about 30 minutes on the plane, and decided to head south down to Vik, a small town in the south of Iceland. With little food in our stomachs and very few hours of sleep we trekked there 2 1/2 hours...making several stops along the way at several waterfalls. We found this beautiful farmhouse that served the best lunch about halfway to Vik. After the 2 1/2 and then finally arrived back to our hotel at 8pm. We sat down for dinner at 9:30 pm. 24 hours after we left Denver our heads finally hit the pillow. 


Today we woke up at almost 1pm! Took a hike up in the mountains behind our hotel, which is absolutely breathtaking, and then a easy drive around the National Park. 

An epic way to start off this trip. Tomorrow we head to Reykjavik.