Scooter Rides Around Amalfi

We started off the day by heading down to the sea. The ocean was WAY more choppy than they day before, but it was such a beautiful site. After a few hours, we took off on scooters to enjoy our last day on the Amalfi Coast. Let me just say, you have to experience this! We felt like such locals zipping through traffic while navigating the windy roads of the coast line.


Our first stop was Amalfi, a beautiful city with so much character. We stayed for lunch, had the best pizzas of our life, and then took off to the mountain town of Ravello. We loved it up at Ravello. It's way more chill than the rest of the coastal towns. There is a pace of life there that is inspiring. 


Our drive home was with little light. It was well worth it, but it was risky! We made it back to Casa Privata, and walked around Praiano for a wonderful last dinner overlooking the sea.