Off to the Amalfi Coast

Our time at Valdi Rose came to an end this morning. It was a good goodbye because we all knew that we would be back in due time. Paolo and his father in law Giovanni, gave us all "Saluté" and sent us off on our way to the city of Naples. 


We arrived in Naples around 5:30pm and were picked up by our taxi driver. The drive to the Amalfi Coast was absolutely unreal. As we drove down the busy streets of Naples our driver pointed out Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. It is so foreign being an American, seeing sites that date back thousands of years. 


The drive from Sorento to our hotel in Praiano was the windiest road i've ever been on. When we arrived at our location, Casa Privata, and climbed down the 150 steps to the entrance, we knew it was all worth it.