Boat to Capri

It's ironic, the night before while in Positano, we all collectively decided that we wanted to stay around Praiano, rather than taking a boat out to the Isle of Capri. The next morning, my Dad knocked on our door and let us know that the trip was non-refundable, and so we all needed to decide if it was worth skipping, or not. Let's just say we are so glad that we did not skip this!


The boat ride was a dream. We all felt like celebrities sitting on the front of the boat letting the sea air fill our lungs. The views from sea are like no other. When we arrived to Capri, we immediately jumped into a covertible taxi, driven by a man that looked straight out of the 50's. We took the cab to the top of the island, and spent an hour or so walking around. 


When we got down, we took the boat around the Island, and stopped for lunch at La Fontelina. A small boat came out and got us, and took us to the restaurant. The ride home was amazing. We stopped at several caves along the way home, and made it back to our restaurant just in time for an amazing dinner.