Amalfi Coast: Positano

Where do I even begin. All 3 of our rooms shared a common balcony that overlooked the entire coastline. From our room at night, as we slept, we could see the city lights of the neighboring town twinkling on the horizon. When we awoke, we were met with the most beautiful un-obstructed view of the coast line. 


The air around Casa Privata smells of Lavender, Rosemary, Orange and Lemon. The property sits in a field of Lemon and Orange trees. 200 + steps down the mountain we arrived to our own private "beach" cliff. We were all giddy with excitement; so we celebrated by jumping in off the cliff into the Mediterranean Sea! 

It was the perfect way to start off Mother's Day! We spent several hours out at the sea, and then took a water taxi from Praiano to Positano. The giddy-ness continued as we slowly approached the multi-colored city of Positano, the most iconic Amalfi coast town.


When twilight hit, the city looked so so beautiful that my brother and I ran down to the beach and tried to find a water taxi to take us out on the water so we could snap a few pics. Everything was closed, but luckily we found someone who agreed to take us out for a few Euro so we could see the city by night. 


We finished the night off with drinks at La Sarenuse and dinner at a restaurant called Max's. Then we took a taxi back home, my sister in law forgot her glasses so I had to speak to our Italian cab driver in Spanish, which somehow worked because he looped back, (Positano is all 1 way streets), so we had to go around the entire mountain side to get to the proper road.


A night to remember!