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Friends! We're traveling Europe for the next six weeks and we couldn't be more excited to a little behind the scenes of what our day to day will look like while abroad. We realize that Instagram can be all too polished, and feel like your following a robot rather than a human, and so we wanted to give you a bit more insight into what our lives look like on the road. 


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We'd love to work with your amazing brand while we head to some amazing destinations: Iceland, Faroe Islands, Italy, Spain and Morocco to be exact. 

We Made It to Iceland!

Friends, we're here in Iceland now for a few days and are so pumped to be back! 

We got in yesterday at 7am, after sleeping about 30 minutes on the plane, and decided to head south down to Vik, a small town in the south of Iceland. With little food in our stomachs and very few hours of sleep we trekked there 2 1/2 hours...making several stops along the way at several waterfalls. We found this beautiful farmhouse that served the best lunch about halfway to Vik. After the 2 1/2 and then finally arrived back to our hotel at 8pm. We sat down for dinner at 9:30 pm. 24 hours after we left Denver our heads finally hit the pillow. 


Today we woke up at almost 1pm! Took a hike up in the mountains behind our hotel, which is absolutely breathtaking, and then a easy drive around the National Park. 

An epic way to start off this trip. Tomorrow we head to Reykjavik. 

From Thingvellir to Reykjavik

Sarah and I absolutely love the city of Reykjavik. For most, coming to Iceland means a quick stop through the capital on their way out to somewhere else. Back in 2015, we lived in Reykjavik for 3 months, and fell in love with it as a city. For us, it is no longer a pass through city, it's place we will always want to spend some quality time at. 


Getting to show the family around some of our favorite parts of the city was such a joy for both Sarah and me. 

Ciao Italy!

Ah it feels so wonderful to be back in Italy again! We arrived late the 4th of May, and after a long day of travel were greeted by Paulo and his father in law Jovani with the warmest of greetings, and were welcomed into the most beautiful Bed and Breakfast, Valdi Rose. 


Our first night, we headed to local café for Italian steak, limoncello and several glasses of red vino. The next day we awoke to the smell of fresh coffee and bread. Sarah and I were the first to rise and were welcomed into the dining room to a spread of breakfast that felt like we were living inside of a magazine photoshoot. Paulo and Irene, the owners of the Bed and Breakfast pay so much attention to every detail. 


The rest of the day we explored the beautiful city of Florence. To be honest, when we visited here for the first time Sarah and I were so overwhelmed by the amount of tourists throughout the city, but with Paulo's help, we were given some authentic Florentine gems that made us feel like we were seeing the city as a local.  


We headed to the region of Chianti where picturesque Tuscany that so many of us have in our minds from movies like "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "A Walk in the Clouds" truly lives and breathes. 


We headed to Tenuta Casanova, an all organic farm and vineyard for one of the best meals of the trip thus far. Everything on the table was gathered from within 5 miles of where we were sitting. Wine from the grapes of the vineyard, meat from the wild boar of the forests, honey from the local bees on at the farm, 30 year old balsamic that had been aged in the cellars below. I know it sounds a bit like a dream...and to be honest, it truly was. The whole experience was magical, just like this region. 


We took to the city of Florence, on a beautifully gray day. We climbed to the tallest point of the city; Michaelangelo square, and watched the sun set over the sea of orange roofs. It was a beautiful end to our time in the Tuscan region, the next day we headed to the Amalfi Coast!

Off to the Amalfi Coast

Our time at Valdi Rose came to an end this morning. It was a good goodbye because we all knew that we would be back in due time. Paolo and his father in law Giovanni, gave us all "Saluté" and sent us off on our way to the city of Naples. 


We arrived in Naples around 5:30pm and were picked up by our taxi driver. The drive to the Amalfi Coast was absolutely unreal. As we drove down the busy streets of Naples our driver pointed out Pompeii and Mt. Vesuvius. It is so foreign being an American, seeing sites that date back thousands of years. 


The drive from Sorento to our hotel in Praiano was the windiest road i've ever been on. When we arrived at our location, Casa Privata, and climbed down the 150 steps to the entrance, we knew it was all worth it. 

Amalfi Coast: Positano

Where do I even begin. All 3 of our rooms shared a common balcony that overlooked the entire coastline. From our room at night, as we slept, we could see the city lights of the neighboring town twinkling on the horizon. When we awoke, we were met with the most beautiful un-obstructed view of the coast line. 


The air around Casa Privata smells of Lavender, Rosemary, Orange and Lemon. The property sits in a field of Lemon and Orange trees. 200 + steps down the mountain we arrived to our own private "beach" cliff. We were all giddy with excitement; so we celebrated by jumping in off the cliff into the Mediterranean Sea! 

It was the perfect way to start off Mother's Day! We spent several hours out at the sea, and then took a water taxi from Praiano to Positano. The giddy-ness continued as we slowly approached the multi-colored city of Positano, the most iconic Amalfi coast town.


When twilight hit, the city looked so so beautiful that my brother and I ran down to the beach and tried to find a water taxi to take us out on the water so we could snap a few pics. Everything was closed, but luckily we found someone who agreed to take us out for a few Euro so we could see the city by night. 


We finished the night off with drinks at La Sarenuse and dinner at a restaurant called Max's. Then we took a taxi back home, my sister in law forgot her glasses so I had to speak to our Italian cab driver in Spanish, which somehow worked because he looped back, (Positano is all 1 way streets), so we had to go around the entire mountain side to get to the proper road.


A night to remember! 



Boat to Capri

It's ironic, the night before while in Positano, we all collectively decided that we wanted to stay around Praiano, rather than taking a boat out to the Isle of Capri. The next morning, my Dad knocked on our door and let us know that the trip was non-refundable, and so we all needed to decide if it was worth skipping, or not. Let's just say we are so glad that we did not skip this!


The boat ride was a dream. We all felt like celebrities sitting on the front of the boat letting the sea air fill our lungs. The views from sea are like no other. When we arrived to Capri, we immediately jumped into a covertible taxi, driven by a man that looked straight out of the 50's. We took the cab to the top of the island, and spent an hour or so walking around. 


When we got down, we took the boat around the Island, and stopped for lunch at La Fontelina. A small boat came out and got us, and took us to the restaurant. The ride home was amazing. We stopped at several caves along the way home, and made it back to our restaurant just in time for an amazing dinner. 



Scooter Rides Around Amalfi

We started off the day by heading down to the sea. The ocean was WAY more choppy than they day before, but it was such a beautiful site. After a few hours, we took off on scooters to enjoy our last day on the Amalfi Coast. Let me just say, you have to experience this! We felt like such locals zipping through traffic while navigating the windy roads of the coast line.


Our first stop was Amalfi, a beautiful city with so much character. We stayed for lunch, had the best pizzas of our life, and then took off to the mountain town of Ravello. We loved it up at Ravello. It's way more chill than the rest of the coastal towns. There is a pace of life there that is inspiring. 


Our drive home was with little light. It was well worth it, but it was risky! We made it back to Casa Privata, and walked around Praiano for a wonderful last dinner overlooking the sea.



Bienvenidos a Barcelona!

We made it to Spain, and boy does it feel good to be back in Barcelona. We love this city. We got in late on 5/12 and went straight to a local tapas bar called Quimet and Quimet for some of the best local cuisine in the city. 


The next morning we spent the day exploring the city by bicycle! It is surely the best way to see the city.


Today (5/14) we said adios to the rest of the family as they head back to Texas. It was a good farewell, but we will surely miss the whole crew. For Sarah and me, traveling with them has felt more like being with really good friends, what an absolute blessing they are to us. We are so thankful for these past 2 weeks, and all the memories we will share with them!


Tomorrow we are off to Morocco!