Helvítis Brӕla: A Preview from A Day at Sea

For 15 hours our boat didn't stop rocking. It was one of those moments I had to continually remind myself of what exactly I was doing. I stood there, struggling to stand on my own two feet, watching these massive swells slowly grow in size before they crashed against the cliff sides around me. Miles and miles of endless cold, dark and unpredictable sea water stood between our boat and the next land mass to my East, Greenland.  It  was truly a surreal moment to immerse myself, if only for a day, into the lives of what so many Icelandic men have done and continue to do for a living; commercial fishing. 


We spent the day with Sea Captain Illugi Jónasson, a fisherman from the small town of Olavsvik, Iceland; located on the west coast of the island. Like his Father did before him,  he braves the cold water of the North Atlantic to provide for his family, and clings on to this prayer that is inscribed on his necklace.


"My ship is small, the sea is big and hides multiple reefs, but damage will come from neither reef nor sea, because my ship is protected by Jesus."


Stay tuned for his full story!