Iceland Symphony Orchestra: A Preview

Music is one of our absolute favorite forms of art. It can set the mood of a cafe and well up a world of emotions within your soul. There are so many variations of it; each unique to its own culture. The one thing we find most interesting about it however is that its universal. It doesn't matter what language you speak you can hear the rhythm and appreciate the sounds. Music is a worldwide language.


Sarah and I attended a free concert at the Icelandic concert hall, Harpa. We were shocked when we walked in on a Wednesday at 12pm to the entire room packed out to listen to a 30 minute piece performed by the Iceland Symphony Orchestra. We managed to get a seat on the front row and witnessed quite possibly one of the most beautiful pieces of music we had ever experienced. The concert hall that we were in, was a room of total glass. With a 180 degree view of Mt. Esja and a harbor full of fishing boats that sat behind the symphony...we listened to the music and watched the snow gently fall outside the window into the mighty Icelandic sea. It was perfect. 


This one musician stood out to us the entire show because she had a smile from ear to ear that never left her face during the entire performance. You could tell that she authentically loved what she was question about it.  Sarah and I agreed after the performance that we had to do a profile on this musician, so we approached the project manager of the symphony via their Instagram account, pitched our idea, and when we described that particular musician as the smiling one...he knew exactly who we were referring to; Herdís Anna Jónsdóttir, a Viola player in the Icelandic Symphony.