Munk Pack x Hunter Lawrence

Anyone that has done any sort of extensive hiking or long road trips knows the feeling when you start getting hungry and the last thing you want to do is grab another handful of that same trail mix you've been munching on for hours, or pull over at a convenient store and buy overpriced chips and a coke that will make you feel even worse at the end of the day.


We were so stoked when we connected with the kind people over at Munk Pack prior to leaving on our 2 month journey across Iceland. At the end of the day Sarah and I are firm believers that we are what we eat, and so finding a company that created nutrient rich, gluten free and all around good tasting snack packs that would actually give us energy rather that slow us down was vital for us. 


From 17 hours spent on the open sea, to treks behind waterfalls and up glaciers, we took these with us wherever we went, and never once did we regret it.