Hunter Lawrence X Timex Watches

Timex Watches recently hired me out to take some of their newest expedition line on my next adventure. Fortunately, my next trip happened to be up one of Colorado's most difficult mountains, Longs Peak. Since I was a child I've seen its gigantic diamond face lording over the valley of Rocky Mountain National Park. After an unsuccessful summit attempt a few years back, I was eager to give it another go. 

As my brother and I woke up just after 2am, the cold air met us as we crawled out of the back of our jeep. After shooting down an energy drink, a quick bite of a meal bar, we turned on our headlamps and began our ascent. For the next 3 hours trekked through the tree-line and tundra lit only by our headlamps. As the sun began to find its way over the surrounding peaks we finally took a rest, ate some breakfast and drank some coffee. 

After one of the most memorable breakfasts of my life, sitting on the face of a gigantic boulder, we made it to the backside of the mountain to begin the more technical climbing up the diamond face. With only a trail wide enough for 1 person, 1000 ft. of vertical cliff of the right, we scrambled our way up to the final part of the mountain, "the homestretch." Lined with sheets of ice, we scrambled our way up a 60 degree slope...rope-less to the summit, 14,256 ft.  A'las we made it. We had conquered Longs Peak.